Monday 30th July 2012

Conservation Pond

The aptly named “Below Road” Field which nestles alongside the River Yeo has been the frequent beneficiary of various drainage schemes over the years and a final attempt last year to clear the old clay drainage pipes layed in the 1960s having been abortive it became clear that a different approach was required.

The heavy clay nestling under the shallow layer of topsoil provided very little opportunity for any meaningful agricultural activities to be undertaken since the field spent at least nine months of the year completely waterlogged. So following advice from the Environment Agency and a 10% grant from the BASC work began to turn the wettest area of the field into a conservation pond. Works were only finally completed two weeks ago but already they are bearing fruit. Even as the digger moved out ducks and geese began using the pond and today a pair of Green Sandpipers were sighted.

Last week a flock of Lapwings were seen in the marshy areas alongside the pond and we hope that the coming autumn and winter might cause the pond to be used by all manner of winter migratory birds.

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