2nd February 2011

End of Season

Today the pheasants and partridges at Mornacott breathed a sigh of relief as another very successful shooting season drew to a close. 

20th December 2010

The Big Freeze

Mornacott has, like the rest of the country, been suffering from the extreme weather conditions. 

5th November 2010

Salmon at journeys end

The first salmon were seen in the river today thanks to the heavy rain that we had last week which enabled them to make the long journey up river from the sea.

14th October 2010

Red deer rut begins

The yearly battle of the Red deer stags started today. 

25th September 2010

Stone walling project completed

Today saw the completion of the dry stone walling project around the house, Barn Cottage and the Shootroom. 

15th August 2010

Water installation

In North Devon water can often be a problem. 

2nd June 2010

Otter sighting

Today saw an exciting event at Mornacott. While fishing on the river at dusk an otter was sighted. 

21st May 2010

The final touches to Williams Wood were completed today.

The final touches to William’s Wood were completed today.

The small area, located on the Southern edge of Mornacott and comprising a dew pond surrounded by a few trees and bramble thickets had obviously been used as a local rubbish tip so

15th April 2010

Only Landrovers

Despite the initial larger financial outlay of buying Landrovers as opposed to competitor makes, we are now buying only Landrover vehicles for use at Mornacott due to their more robust build and higher residual values.

22nd March 2010

Tree Planting

The tree planting project finished today with 1,500 native broadleaf trees planted in conjunction with the Woodland Trust. 

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