21st April 2017

Third win for the Mornacott team at the Exmoor Keeper's Challenge

The end of March sees the annual Exmoor Keeper's Challenge which was held this year at Milton's Estate just outside Dulverton. 

23rd March 2017

This little piggy came from market

This weekend saw the arrival of our newest batch of pigs named (from left to right) Guinevere, Galahad, Lancelot, Percival, Arthur and Merlin.

28th February 2017

Spring is just around the corner

Despite Hurricane Doris, the occasional glorious sunny day reminds us that Spring is on its way.

31st January 2017

Beater's Day

Another fantastic shooting season drew to an end with our traditional Beater's Day.  

14th December 2016

Wins for Mornacott cattle at Stock Show

We were all absolutely delighted when our Ruby Red cattle took second and third places at the annual fat stock show in South Molton last week.

23rd November 2016

Climate change .... what climate change!!

 This last week has seen some "interesting" weather.  Friday saw the start of it with the arrival of a team of guns.  We started the morning with a drive in the snow and the last drive in the rain.

31st August 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow

Finally ...... an Indian summer. This last week has seen our holiday cottage guests basking in some lovely sunshine with the team here making preparations for a busy winter season.

29th July 2016

Pool loungers a big hit

The baking hot temperatures we saw at the beginning of this month proved the swimming pool to be an even bigger hit with our guests as they were able to use our new sun loungers.  

30th June 2016

New arrivals for the holiday season

With our holiday cottages now just about to enter the peak season we have a couple of new additions to entertain our younger guests.

31st May 2016

The Eagle (well pheasant really) has landed

Toby, our gamekeeper is busily preparing for the arrival of the rest of our pheasants for this year, the first of which have just hatched in our incubator and are coming along nicely.

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