31st March 2020
Nature's balance

With the world seemingly in meltdown (or certainly lockdown) as a result of COVID-19 nature’s rhythm continues unabated. We were delighted to see Maggie, one of our pet Muscovy ducks, arrive in the yard this morning with her troupe of new ducklings. We also greeted our first Swallow this morning, tired but relieved after its long journey from Africa. In these trying times these simple pleasures provide great joy and hopefully we will all soon be able to resume our normal lives.

17th March 2020
Spring is now upon us"

"With the world seemingly in meltdown with Coronavirus it’s comforting that the natural rhythm of things is unchanged with regard to our livestock. Currently North Devon has escaped any outbreaks of the virus and the first rays of sunshine continue to contribute to a sense of optimism at the start of our lambing and calving season."

20th January 2020
Annual "Boys" Day

We’re not sure that we can call it a “boys” day any more, or certainly for much longer! Last week saw a repeat of the annual gathering of Will’s friends on his shoot day. A great time was had by all and it was good to see old friendships being renewed and reinforced.

2nd January 2020
Visit England upgrade

We’re delighted that, following our recent Visit England assessment, Orchard Cottage has been awarded a Gold Award at 5 Star level.

Our other two Cottages The Old Stables and Barn Cottage have maintained their high standards being 5 Star and 4 Star (Gold) respectively.

24th December 2019
The night before

By far the majority of our shooting guests choose to stay with us to complement their day. What better way to start a shoot day than to relax and unwind in the shootroom the night before the day with a sumptuous dinner provisioned with our own home grown and home reared produce. Many teams choose to stay the night after their day as well when the war stories of their day abound!

23rd December 2019
Christmas Jumper Day

A special thanks to all of our beating and picking up team for their hard work leading up to Christmas. 

A special thanks to all of our beating and picking up team for their hard work leading up to Christmas. Everyone enjoyed a full roast dinner on the last shoot before Christmas and here are the team in their very fetching Christmas jumpers!

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