20th October 2019
Getting ready for the shooting season

The rides are cleared, the birds are fed and the pegs in position for the busy shooting season to come. The cover crops have grown very well this year so at least there’s benefit from the endless rain that we seem to be having currently. We’re looking forward to a busy shoot season with visits from our regular teams from throughout the UK and abroad.

12th October 2019
Off to the Abattoir

Throughout the spring and summer our holiday guests are always pleased to help feed the pigs. The onset of autumn sees a trip to the abattoir in order to provide joints, sausages and bacon for out teams to eat throughout the shooting season and to provide snacks for our hard-working beating and picking up teams to see them through the day to their lunch meal. Throughout the season we will use close to 2,000 sausages and around 5,000 rashers of bacon.

11th September 2019
Natures Jewels

Misty mornings, hazy sunshine on sparkling glistening jewel like blackberries and raspberries sure signs of Autumn on the way! Wonderful for all those delicious winter fruit crumbles and plenty left on the bush providing sweet feasts for our feathered friends

7th July 2019
Course fishing at Mornacott

 Love a spot of fishing ….

Our lake is bubbling with large carp waiting to test your fishing skills  - with plenty of ducks for company too.


20th June 2019
Summer is here at Mornacott

 Take  time to enjoy relaxing on our cottage patios  after a fun filled day making the most of the longer warmer evenings and watching the wonderful sunsets unfold in this special part of Devon.

23rd April 2019
"Cry God for Devon, England and St George"


With apologies to Mr Shakespeare for the slight misquote!

What a beautiful day to celebrate England’s Patron Saint.

After a busy Easter period in our cottages we’re looking forward to a short respite before the holiday season kicks off in earnest.

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