31st August 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow

Finally ...... an Indian summer. This last week has seen our holiday cottage guests basking in some lovely sunshine with the team here making preparations for a busy winter season.

29th July 2016

Pool loungers a big hit

The baking hot temperatures we saw at the beginning of this month proved the swimming pool to be an even bigger hit with our guests as they were able to use our new sun loungers.  

30th June 2016

New arrivals for the holiday season

With our holiday cottages now just about to enter the peak season we have a couple of new additions to entertain our younger guests.

31st May 2016

The Eagle (well pheasant really) has landed

Toby, our gamekeeper is busily preparing for the arrival of the rest of our pheasants for this year, the first of which have just hatched in our incubator and are coming along nicely.

30th April 2016

Some new faces (or snouts!) for Mornacott

We had some new arrivals this afternoon fresh from the market at Sedgmoor.  Seven new pigs (Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy and Dopey) moved into new quarters that had been prepared for them over the last few weeks.

3rd April 2016

First of the new born lambs

With the calving season now well underway, with 20 successful births to date, yesterday saw the arrival of our first new-born lambs with a pair and a singleton born to two proud mothers.

31st March 2016

Wind and water sometimes don't mix!

Upon our Spring inspection of the lake, we were alarmed to see that a large amount of bank erosion had occurred to the island. We believe this has been caused by the high water levels and strong winds this winter.

21st March 2016

Potholes are a pain!

 Potholes (which on some local roads are now more akin to trenches!) are one of our biggest bugbears currently.  In the middle of last year a mile long stretch of the Mornacott Road was, over several days, marked up for repair. 

29th February 2016

Hedge Cutting Challenge

February used to be one of the quietest months at Mornacott with the shoot season over and lambing and calving not yet underway.  However, hedge cutting now needs to be completed by 1st March.

29th January 2016

A big thank you to our beaters

Our busiest shoot season yet came to a close with the traditional Beaters' Day.

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