17th November 2015

How to beat the North Devon link road fiasco

 With little notice the A361 North Devon link road was closed at the end of September with notices showing that it was likely to be closed for up to four months.

30th September 2015

Mornacott Stables welcomes new faces

 Our Stables Manager, Megan, has been busy welcoming some new faces to the livery yard. Firstly Belle, a sometimes cheeky four and a half year old, who has transformed from being rather nervous to being happy and settled.

26th August 2015


Not a very exciting topic for a news update but one that causes great frustration for all of us a Mornacott! Conservatively we have around 600 gate posts...

31st July 2015

A Fisherman's Tale

Last week a couple of our guests had a red letter day, float fishing with a variety of baits on the lake. They caught an abundance of carp, 150 in total with the biggest weighing just over 10lb.

30th June 2015

Exmoor Keepers Challenge 2015 Winners

This year Mornacott teamed up with Portledge Estate and co-hosted the Exmoor Keepers Challenge.  

20th May 2015

Owls Galore

We’re always delighted to see evidence of the increasing Owl population at Mornacott and spotting two Tawny Owl chicks was certainly one of the highlights of the week...

7th April 2015

Easter at Mornacott

With the lambing season well under way, guests staying in our cottages over Easter were not only able to enjoy the super weather...

6th March 2015

Spring has arrived at Mornacott

With the arrival of our first calf at Mornacott, we know that Spring is finally here.  

22nd January 2015

Owen's day off

Owen the red deer pricket that has been such a regular attender on shoot days at Mornacott chose last Tuesday as his day off...

23rd December 2014

Record breaking season

With Christmas upon us many of our regular beating and picking up team donned their usual festive garb (hats and Christmas sweaters!) for the final shoot before Christmas. They now have a well-earned break over Christmas and the New Year before we kick

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