Our Farm

Mornacott is a stunning classical West Country farming estate set within the parish of Bishop's Nympton on the edge of Exmoor, near South Molton, in North Devon. It enjoys some of the most spectacular views and scenery that Devon has to offer all based around the environment of a working farm.

The lush pastures at Mornacott serve to sustain our pedigree herd of fabulous Red Ruby cattle (a breed which saw its beginnings only a short distance away in the 1800s) and our home bred Poll Dorset cross sheep.

Red Ruby Devons are traditional beef cattle providing what is arguably the best beef that money can buy and, whilst it takes a little longer for these fine animals to mature, the taste of the finished article makes the wait worthwhile.

Our farming approach is very much in tune with the natural environment with our low input permanent pasture and low density stocking with cattle and sheep allowing for the needs of an abundance of all forms of wildlife including many traditional wild birds, invertebrates, small mammals and Roe and Red Deer. This creates both harmony with nature and ensures that our cattle and sheep are naturally reared to the best standards.