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We've come a long way...

Whilst today Mornacott retains its age old communion with its natural surroundings there is little that would be recognised by many of its former custodians in terms of the diverse enterprises now undertaken.

The world has moved on and much more is now required of those who tend the countryside and are privileged to live in such wonderful surroundings.

Mornacott is now supported by four pillars of rural enterprise.

The Farm

Farming at Mornacott is still largely undertaken on a traditional basis and our ethos and much of what we do might still be recognised by those who have gone before. Animals are still naturally reared and grass fed. The Farm, described correctly in jargon as "low input", benefits from over 600 acres or "permanent pasture" a farming method both kinder on the land itself and promoting of sustainable habitats for traditional fauna and flora.

Rather than following the typical trend in relation to sheep farming and choosing breeds that grow quickly but are often quite "fragile" due to their hybrid nature, our flock predominantly comprises home cross-bred Poll Dorset sheep much loved for the quality of their meat.

Mornacott is home to a beef suckler herd of over 300 head of cattle the mainstay of which are our pedigree Red Ruby Devon suckler herd famed for their mild temperament and the quality of the beef produced.

Holiday Cottages

With changes in farming practices requiring buildings of a different nature to the small barns that had been a feature of earlier years the old buildings used as stables for the horses that worked the farm and storage for farm implements and feed had become redundant.

Finished in 2013 four of these were restructured to form the three holiday cottages and the entertaining barn that we have today. Further enhancement came in 2014 with a luxurious 13 metre indoor pool located in a purpose built stone and timber building under a natural slate roof. A games room with pool table, table tennis and table football was added later that year together with a croquet lawn and football/rugby field.

Tastefully furnished with solid oak furniture and quality soft furnishings the cottages have the feel of the perfect home from home.

Game Shooting

Located in Devon's famous "shooting triangle" between North Molton, South Molton and Molland, Mornacott enjoys some of the finest valleys and mixed scenery that North Devon and Exmoor has to offer.

Mornacott offers shooting over some 1,400 acres with over 23 drives catering for all levels of experience and most shooting tastes from the stunning high birds of the Miscombe and Oakham drives, to the quintessential Devon partridges offered at Langham, leisurely acquired pheasants at the Lake to the quick snap shooting required in Westerwood and on the Helm's Deep drives.

Our award winning Shootroom and comfortable shoot lodges can complement your shooting experience providing the ideal backdrop to a day (or days!) of sporting enjoyment.

Beef Sales

Several leading chefs rate Red Ruby Devon beef as the best there is and our many repeat customers seem to agree with them. Ruby Red cattle fatten slowly often taking well over 30 months to fully mature.

Naturally reared on our permanent pasture our herd of Red Ruby Devons produce superlative "marbled" beef that we supply in mixed beef boxes to suit all needs, either for collection or by courier delivery, in specially insulated boxes.